Not one size fits all!

My journey is similar to many people in my generation : it starts with an identity quest. So when they suggest “this page is for you to tell them who you are”, it becomes a bit complex.

Comig from mixed origins, I have lived in many countries and have been exposed to even more cultural influences. I am curious and passionate about diversity. I’d better!! Cos I am diverse myself.

Not choosing a side, nor limiting myself to one single pleasure its deeply part of my identity. My daughters would like to force me to choose which country I prefer or which drawing is the most beautiful. Both my loves, both!

That is why a friend calls me Switzerland!

Married or divorced? Both!

Traditionnal or modern? Both!

Introverted or extroverted? Well it depends on my mood but I can do both.

Mummy bear or working mum? Guess what? Both too!

Or, when you finally choose, be sure you are all in and proudly in!

Choco-obsessed until death do us part,

Best sens of disorientation ever, meaning if there is one way to get lost somewhere, even on a straight line, I would propably be the only one to find it,

Feminist engaged to my curls (cos I can’t grow fingertips I am perfectly ineffective for that),

And world champion, all categories combined, of self-mockery.

The second directive is “tell them why you created this blog”. Here we go!

I searched for a long time a place where difference is not pointed out. Where its best parts would be highlighted. A place where we could talk about topics that are a concern for me and my generation : which carreer path to take? Which identity to adopt between what society approves (apartment, wedding, good job) and what I need (divorce, travels, fulfilling job)? How can I help someone struggling with depression? Am I the only one facing these issues and if not how did the others handled them? Etc etc etc.

I looked for it fruitlessly and then I decided to create this space myself.

Its between lifestyle, testimony, mutual aid, reflexion and travelling.

Strangely, I can’t find just one box to fit my blog into… are you surprised?