Our Vision

Welcome to African Pride!

You are now in a cocoon of kindness.

Our vision is to support African craftsmanship in the adventure of modernization without getting lost, and to pass on this heritage to new generations. We wish to promote the artisans of our towns and villages and encourage consumers to favor them. Without lowering our standards, we believe that a new way of consuming is available to us. We have the choice to advocate through our purchases for local shops and to preserve our cultures and our know-how.

Who we are?

We are a conscious, engaged and hybrid generation.


Conscious of the state of the planet, that extreme globalization is not sustainable and that to thrive professionally we must find meaning in it. So we are committed, we are advocating for what we believe in, we support each other, we rise up.


We are hybrids. Traditional and modern at the same time. Straddling several countries and cultures and proud of this cultural mix. Expats, repats, local and international. Men, women and even children (without exploitation, just for the ideas don’t worry). We are multiple.

So we created a social and inclusive business.

So to answer the question, we are supplier, tailor, craftsman, designer, tanner, jeweler, etc. And because we are inclusive, we welcome suggestions, help, advice and constructive ideas. If you want to join the movement, it’s simple:

  1. You know craftsmen near you who do remarkable work that we can promote and integrate into our network? Contact us!
  2. You want to make donations or take part in initiatives for people in need? We are committed to improving the living conditions of our craftspeople so any help is welcome! Donations of clothes, books, medicines etc. Contact us!
  3. You know the history of an African art or tradition and are willing to share knowledge? Contact us !!!
  4. You dream of a practical, decorative, unique and / or personalized item with ethnic touches? Contact us !!